Content moderation Needs in Social Networking Platforms


Need of content moderation in Social Networking Platforms

Social media is the next biggest invention after the internet. It has changed the lives of people from awareness to community building.

Social media offers a great advantage to share ideas and build a community for communicating.
Social media has grown from just a simple app in our smartphones to a highly valuable group of influencers. It can help people achieve their goals and also get guides from the perfect audience.

We can see a new face of social media during a covid-19 pandemic. It’s only because of social media sites that have made the house confined people to interact with each other. It has emerged as a blessing in disguise. But it has also harmed the mental state of various people due to rumours or stressful content.

Due to ill effects, some of the social media platforms have lost human trust.

Social media platforms need Re-humanizing

As virtual platforms have seen rapid growth in the past few years with multiple innovations it has caused some unseen issues. People like to get connect over chats than in real life. Lack of real conversations, humanity, sympathy, love and genuine communications is missing over this growing social media.

Infographic: Where Social Media is Suppressed | Statista You will find more infographics at Statista

There are few countries where social media is blocked since 2015.

The most crucial fact is people are losing humanity and faith in the real world. The best example you can think of a road accident, instead of helping the injured, people start recording the scene.
Social media post likes and comments are more worthy than the life of a person. But even in this gloomy situation social media influencers and creators are focusing on re-humanizing social media. They have started considering human problems and values again on social media.

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There is an urgent need to re-humanizing social media to empower trust and genuine communications. Apart from it, there is a genuine requirement of real conversation in the so-called “fake happy world”. We should take immediate steps to solve the issue of fake and misleading news.

How it can be done?

We can do all this with the help of content moderation. The content getting over the social media needs reformation and certain measures to improve the quality and reliability.
A positive form of social media is growing because of care during the pandemic state. The influencers no matter with 100 followers or millions. They are sharing help over the platforms. Help in the form of self contribution update, medicines availability and local health updates. This wave has covered almost every social media person into a caring human trying to help everyone. That’s how re-humanizing can be carried out.

Through content moderation, social media can again gain the old positive background and online communication.

Content moderation Needs in Social Networking Platforms

According to the above data, internet users claim that social media has impacted their lives as of the year 2019. They also believe that social media has caused more transformation in politics.

In recent years, social media has made various impacts on different people across the world.

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Why content moderation is required?

Content influencers and moderators play a major role in building care over social networking sites. They have a great impact on rehumanizing social media.
The authorities have started to form regulations and policies over its conduct to provide human touch over social media. The social media creators have implemented new tech to restrict the ill activity over their platform. For many influencers, social media reach is getting down. Here’s what people are doing. The AI system is reducing the spam content reach like fake news or rumours to help out the people with wrong info. The post over Instagram now contains special options to view content. Like the aware the user before the content visualisation.

Now social media is focusing on increasing productivity with positivity and neutrally. Different systems are getting created to measure the outcome and growth of the platform. When we talk about social media content along with creativity, there comes a lot of negativity. In this situation, content moderation works. The content moderators are like hidden protectors of social media guarding the safety and security of the audience. Social media in one way restricting the user to get aware of the right information and on the other fighting for authenticity.

The content getting posted at the wrong time and place containing private information, spam marketing diverts the audience into negative space. Unordered form of advertising and marketing creates hurdle in the smooth working of content moderation. All these factors can only be controlled with the right move towards individual understanding and awareness. If every content creator and consumer steps ahead for the right information irrespective of likes and comments they gain, hope can survive.

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Content moderation is one such step that can be taken within the platform to make social media much better. It’s an important ingredient in rehumanizing social media channels and creates a more positive impact. Social media then can contribute to growth, improvised communication and less negative wave. It’s all about the content that we create and consume. So start taking care of both aspects.

Content writer : Harshit Agarwal

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