Best SEO Techniques for Effective Ranking


Best SEO Techniques for Effective Ranking

SEO is one of the important factors when it comes to ranking and getting traffic. Therefore we lack several measures while completing its part. Here you will be guided on how to complete your SEO check and get aware of true techniques?

#1 Doing SEO Audit On Your Website (one of the Best SEO Techniques)

Site Audit is one of the important factors in determining why you are not getting enough traffic and sales. It helps you get data, researched report and proper graphical stats to make you understand where you stand and how your site is performing.

Site Audit closely examines your site and helps you find out the SEO errors and rectify them to improve the SEO score and overall performance of the site. It closely audits the site and works for better goals planning according to the sites functioning. Every step makes a small effort for improving the SEO of the site. Site Audit is the Best SEO Techniques when it comes to the analytical approach.

Some of the steps for determing Site Audit,

  • Check that all pages on the site have meta description and titles.
  • Every page of your site must be SEO optimize for keywords
  • Is the site URL or page URL properly optimizes according to SEO?

The URL’s should be simple and easy to identify the topic of the blog or page.

  • Formatting of every blog or page. What does that mean?
  1. Proper use of headings such as h1 or h2.
  2. maintaining definite paragraph length
  3. Increasing readability of the blog
  • ALT tags in images of blogs
  • Does your content have links(internal and external)?

#2 Knowing What Your Users exactly want from your content

This is one of the most important point we often miss while creating content. You must know what your auduence wants from you. Creatinng stuff on the site or blogs that users do not wants is same as learning for exam that you have already cleared.

So how to find what your users actually want or searching over the web?

Use platforms like Quora

Best SEO Techniques for Effective Ranking

or answer the public to find relevant questions your audience is asking? Try to build content around it for better reach and awareness.

You may think this as non-SEO tactic but without actually knowing the demand how you can provide information.

Best SEO Techniques for Effective Ranking

Answer the public is great site to get wide number of qurestions on any topic you wish for. This makes the content more targeted based on the questions people are asking.

Best Techniques to optimize your content for SEO is to get answer the users query.

#3 Landing Pages should be SEO Optimized

Creating powerful landing pages can increase site traffic and user interaction with your site. As most of the users tend to get to the home page of the site but landing pages are also important.

So what are landing pages?

A landing page is specifically designed for carrying out a certain action. A large audience is directed to a landing page to execute a specific action. It is used for prompt action by the user.

Few landing pages ,

Best SEO Techniques for Effective Ranking
Best SEO Techniques for Effective Ranking

Key elements of the landing page are.

  • you want the user to stay on the same page, that is no navigation
  • only useful information is provided
  • call to action button is provided

According to facts, organizations have seen an increase in leads generation by 55% the number of landing pages is from 10 to 15. Also, the landing pages that don’t have a navigation menu, increase conversion by 100% 

Therefore landing pages are the major source for driving traffic or sales. That’s why proper SEO optimization of perfect landing pages can increase sites overall rate and results in better ranking. 

How to check that whether your landing page is SEO optimized or not?

  • Make use of long-tail keywords
  • Sharing of useful information in a perfect format. A compelling copy should be there.
  • Make sure that you are using professional design for your landing page.
  • Build enough links 

#4 Your Website should be Mobile-Friendly

Why this point is included in super important to know? When Google was first launched it was working on mobile devices. Therefore the sites that work well on mobile tends to get better organic ranking.

According to Google, 62% of users access the internet using their mobile phones.

Statistic: Number of smartphone users worldwide from 2016 to 2023 (in billions) | Statista
Find more statistics at Statista
Best SEO Techniques for Effective Ranking

The website shown on the left is what displayed on the system/laptop and the one on right is mobile. What does it mean when we say mobile friendly? It simply means the website should be optimised to rearrange its content when opening on mobile. It’s easier to read and scroll accordingly.

As in the above image, the website is not mobile-friendly as it shows the same orientation as it has on the website. 

To make your WordPress website mobile-friendly, follow the steps,

  • Use responsive WordPress theme
  • Make sure the plugins used on the site, should follow the responsive design
  • Using a page builder on the site.
  • Limiting the popups while the website is accessed using mobile.

#5 By Optimizing your Content for RankBrain (Best SEO Techniques according to Google Algorithm)

Rankbrain is a part of the Google Algorithm that uses machine learning to show the most relevant result for any query over google. In other words, it connects the search query with appropriate results.

Like when you search for “desert”, it means two different things,

  • a barren land surrounded with sand from everywhere 
  • a sweet dish people eat after a meal

How Google will come to know that what are you searching for?

Like when you search “desert” it shows the first option because it’s more prominent or has thousand of searches for this term. Therefore it refers to the first meaning. 

So how can you optimize your site for Rankbrain?

  • Start building the worth of your website. That’s the foremost step to optimize your site for Rankbrain. A great reputation has great optimisation for Rankbrain.
  • Optimize your site for medium tail keywords
  • Create direct hitting content. That means your content should be directly addressing the user’s need.
  • Increment in CTR(click-through-rates)
  • Improving the time user spent on your site.
  • Multiply your content. This means if you are creating content about MBA, you should also create content around the types of MBA or fields in it.

Content Writer: Harshit Agarwal

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